Creating Unforgettable Experiences

Providing the best experience for customers, both in terms of product and service quality, as well as in terms of comfort. We believe that by providing the best service, we can build loyal relationships with customers in our linear business in the world of Food & Beverage and Tour & Travel.

Our Business

We are determined to become the logistics industry as the main pillar of PT TAKO. Our business lines are as follows:


TAKOPI as a pioneer café in North Surabaya by featuring a container as an icon of the entrance that is very close to life in Tanjung Perak. 

The café is unique because it carries local archipelago menus made with traditional family recipes, making customers always remember home cooking. Accompanied by high-quality coffee combined with expert hands makes coffee lovers always return to this place. 

Did you know that obsession needs inspiration only at TAKOPI.



Traveling has become a lifestyle and a necessity for many people. Cari Travel understands this need, we are here to provide easy, efficient and varied travel solutions.

We offer a variety of business and medical travel products and services that vary according to customer needs. Our featured services are medical tour check up and corporate level. We are supported by a team of professionals who are committed to providing the best and unforgettable service.

Cari Travel, Take Your Trip to the Next Level!



Jl. Kopda Ramli 30 Rt 02, Rw
03, Gedog, Sananwetan,


Jl. Raya Puspa Resti
Gg.Gunung Lempuyang B-1,
Perumahan Sekar Mas
Regency, Br Guming Desa
Penarungan, Kabupaten


Jl. Beringin No 144 Buladu,
Kec. Kota Barat Gorontalo


Jln Brawijaya, Perumahan
Seganteng Indah Blok D-06
Nusa Tenggara Barat


Jl. 17 Agustus Lorong
Harmoni No 1 Samping
Kantor Pengadilan Tinggi
Agama,Kelurahan Bumi
Beringin,Kec Wenang,
Manado 95113


Jl.Pulau Irian, Kompleks
Belakang Lembaga, Luwuk,
Kab Banggai


Perum Zona Neighbourhood,
Blok NJ – 19 Sawojajar 2, Kel
Sekarpuro Kec Pakis


Perum Ringinpitu Park No 17
Jl Doktor Wahidin, Dsn
Ringinsari, Desa Ringinpitu,
Kec. Kedungwaru,
Kab. Tulungagung,
Jawa Timur

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Elevate your Business With Us

Let's grow and improve our business together. Contact us to start collaboration.

Elevate your Business With Us

Let's grow and improve our business together. Contact us to start collaboration.